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Binge Eating Disorder by Amy Pershing and Chevese Turner with Amy Rapone

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Chats with great body liberation guests about a body acceptance book!

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TRIGGER WARNING: This week's episode covers Binge Eating Disorder in depth and touches on other eating disorders

You may remember my guest this week from an episode a few months back.  Amy Rapone is back to talk about a completely different topic and book!  Last time we talked about #veryfat #verybrave by Nicole Byers.  It was a fun and tongue-in-cheek discussion about body acceptance and body image.  This time we are heading in a completely different direction to talk about Binge Eating Disorder by Amy Pershing and Chevese Turner.  While this discussion is a bit more serious we still have a lot of laughs and talk about some great tools that can be used to connect with your body even if you don't have BED.  We cover a lot of ground, including:

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